Growing up, James’ parents always told him, “If you want to separate yourself from everyone else in business, you must take everything to the NEXT LEVEL”. That has been his philosophy his entire life and today, he owns several companies and believes in multiple streams of income.


Executive Auto Group specializes in taking the stress out of selling your vehicle publicly. When you are looking to sell or trade your car into a dealership, Executive Auto Group offers you top-wholesale dollar, takes the vehicle off your hands with no ties. Most people are too busy for the run-around.  Executive Auto Group makes the process seamless and stress-free for you.


“If you aren’t the best at what you do, you aren’t working hard enough.” – James Levins

Having peace of mind while driving your vehicle takes the stress out of your life. That’s why we care about you and your vehicle, even after you leave the lot! Instant vehicle coverage has partnered with the Best in the Industry, to offer a variety of¬†different plans across the nation to met whatever your needs are. Inquire today to receive the best coverage for your vehicle!


James’ brother, Chris Levins, has been in the Real Estate and Construction industry for over 25 years (and is also a Roofing and Concrete Expert). Understanding that a majority of the World’s Wealthiest People created their success through Real Estate, James wanted to learn how to Buy and Sell Houses. With his brother as his mentor, Success is the only option! They will flip over 30 properties this year and that is only the beginning! If you are interested in Investing with the Levins Brothers, please contact James TODAY!


Many people wrongly believe that it takes a lot of money to make a lot of money. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The average millionaire has 12 streams of passive income. One of the greatest joys I have had in my life is helping people create streams of passive income. That is, income that gets deposited to their bank account when they sleep, are sick, on vacation, watching television or out with friends.