James has been an Executive Partner in Stream Energy for 8 years. ¬†Stream is an $8 Billion Dollar, Debt-Free Company that has Dominated the Energy Deregulation Market.¬† James’ main role is to launch his company into new markets.

Most people are eligible for a discount on their monthly bill through the incumbent, but they just don’t know about it.

That’s where James and his team of highly-educated energy analysts come in. With Stream’s help, the consumer will receive a discount for FREE in under 4 minutes. They still receive a bill each month from the incumbent as they’ve always done, they still pay them as they’ve always done so and still call the incumbent for service interruption or issues….. the only difference is, they pay LESS!

James also helps non-profits as well as other organizations raise money passively through a program called “Customer Plus.” It’s the perfect way for school, church or any other organization to create a passive, monthly income when consumers pay their energy bills. The consumers receive a monthly savings and the organization gets a monthly check, it’s a Win-Win!

Contact James if you are ready to save on your energy bill, raise money for your organization or would like to become one of his Energy Analysts.

Active Income

Income you only get when you perform and activity. This is the type of income that the majority of people have. You literally trade your time for money. This type of income is limited by the number of hours you are able to work.

  • Trade Your Time For Money

  • Someone Else Owns Your Time

  • Someone Else Decides Your Worth

  • Your “Free” Time is Determined by Someone Else

  • You Build Someone Else’s Dream

  • You Pay Taxes Before Your Get Paid

  • You Have Minimal Tax Deductions

Passive Income

Income you continue to get whether you are working or not. Some call this royalty income. For example, a musician who records a song one time and gets paid, every time that song is played on the radio or online. This type of income is unlimited, because it is not limited by working hours.

  • You Decide Your Own Value

  • You Continue to Get Paid for a Job You Did One Time

  • You Can Get Paid While You Sleep

  • You Leverage Other People’s Efforts/Money to Your Advantage

  • You Pay Taxes After You Deduct Your Expenses

  • Many Tax Advantages

  • You Get Paid if You Are Sick

  • You Determine When You Have Free Time